Design Concept

Marlene is an elegant, high contrast Egyptian face with a distinctive and contemporary calligraphic flourish. The Roman version with its robust square vertical serifs delivers a sense of vitality and rigorousness. The italic is sharp and fast-paced with elegant, thin upstrokes and unusually high connection points of curves to stems. Together, these styles add to the appealing character of Marlene making it an ideal choice for books and magazines.

Marlene Styles


Marlene type family comes in a text version with eights styles (Marlene), and three display versions: Marlene Grande, Marlene Stencil, and Marlene Display. Combined, they offer complete typographic palette for the most demanding designers.

merlene four versions

OpenType features

Like all Typotheque fonts, Marlene includes Small Caps in all styles. Additionally, Marlene includes a wealth of other advanced OpenType features. For more information please see the PDF instructions, or the Features section.

Marlene SC

International Typography

Besides extended Latin, Marlene supports also the Cyrillic script with Russian letterforms coming as default, and localised forms for Bulgarian and Serbian coming as OpenType substritution features.

Marlene Cy


All weights of Marlene include ten different kinds of numerals. Proportional Old-style figures come as default figures in Marlene. It also, however, includes Lining figures, Tabular numerals (both lining and OsF), Small Caps numerals, superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted numerals (selectable via OpenType features).

Marlene Fig


Marlene typeface family was published in 2008, designed by Nikola Djurek. Cyrillic version was designed by Ilya Ruderman. In 2008, Marlene was shortlisted for the Best Typefaces of 2008 by Typographica. In 2010 Nikola Djurek recieved the Icograda Excellence Award for his typefaces Marlene, Brioni and Plan Grotesque. In 2011, Marlene was selected as one of the best typefaces of the decade in AtypI’s Letter 2 competition. In 2011, Nikola Djurek recieved the International Association of Art Critics Award for his font families Marlene, Delvard, Plan Grotesque.

AtypI Letter 2 competition