Design Concept

Maro is a stencil typeface that follows the logical contrast principles of letter construction until the shape is fractured at its narrowest point. Maro has very large x-height, flat curves and triangular serifs that give the typeface sharpness and urgency. Maro is designed for large spacial applications, posters or book covers, or any medium whose visual identity would benefit from assertive expression or voice.

maro concept


Maro includes a series of arrows, geometric shapes, and manicules (a.k.a pointing hands).

maro symbols

Variable Font

Besides the static fonts, Maro is available also as a variable font with a weight axis. The variable font is part of the full package of Maro.

maro variable 300 700 300


Maro was designed by Nikola Djurek, and first published in 2021.

Single font 72.00 EUR
Complete 8 fonts 312.00 EUR

39.00 EUR/font