Design concept

Mississippi is inspired by the aesthetics of mid-20th-century America with its blues music, endless highways and bold advertising. Mississippi is both a high- and low-brow typeface, taking cues from America’s sophisticated fashion typography as well as from its underbelly of cheap ephemera. Mississippi is also distinctively musical, drawing on the fiery, passionate Delta blues, and giving unexpected movement to traditional typography. Mississippi works best in strong headlines, striking logos, and longer words.

mississippi exploration


Mississippi has just two weights, Regular and Black, which contain the full character set. Part of the set is also Mississippi Gradient, a collection of eight smart fonts with contextual alternates that dynamically change height as you type.

mississipi styles2

Variable Height

Mississippi explores text patterns and gradients, by dynamically increasing or decreasing letter heights to control the rhythm of words and short texts. This is executed with the use of OpenType substitutions, where each glyphs in Mississippi contains nine different versions, and the Contextual alternates feature applies the effect depending on the preselected style.

mississippi all styles


Mississippi was designed in 2019 by Nikola Djurek.

Complete 10 fonts 192.00 EUR

19.20 EUR/font