Design Concept

Nocturno is an unapologetically calligraphic typeface with slightly oblique stress and sculpted, concave, almost flare serifs. The dark, broad-shouldered letter silhouettes provide superb legibility, and four finely tuned weights permit the creation of clear text hierarchies. Crisp, precise details, a generous x-height, flowing rhythm and rightward drag emphasise the sense of horizontality guiding readers’ eyes along for immersive reading.

Nocturno font weights

With its Display and Text styles, Nocturno is well-suited for the complexities of editorial design where the incisive display cuts get attention, and the text version quietly gets the job done.

Nocturno text display

OpenType features

Like all Typotheque fonts, Nocturno includes Small Caps in all styles. Additionally, Nocturno includes a wealth of other advanced OpenType features. For more information please see the PDF instructions, or the Features section.

Nocturno SC


All weights of Nocturno include ten different kinds of numerals. Proportional Old-style figures come as default figures in Nocturno. It also, however, includes Lining figures, Tabular numerals (both lining and OsF), Small Caps numerals, superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted numerals (selectable via OpenType features).

Nocturno Fig


Nocturno typeface family was published in 2013, designed by Nikola Djurek. In 2003, Nocturno type family was shortlisted for the Our Favorite Typefaces of 2013 by Typographica.

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