Nocturno Stencil

Design Concept

Just like Nocturno Text and Display, Nocturno Stencil is rooted in calligraphy, with sharp, crisp details that stand out at larger sizes. This version of the Nocturno type system is a highly expressive, with unapologetically calligraphic finish, which further increases the counter sizes, breaking down the forms into individual strokes. Nocturno Stencil is ideal for editorial design and strong branding.

NocStencil 800c

Nocturno/Diurnal Type System

Nocturno Display and Nocturno Text are well-suited for the complexities of editorial design where the incisive display cuts get attention, and the text version quietly gets the job done. The low-contrast version Diurnal Text is superbly legible sans typeface, and its Display cut provides for strong personality in larger sizes. nocturno diurnal family

Variable fonts

When you buy single styles of Nocturno Stencil, they come with a single-axis variable font that controls gap size between strokes. When you buy the full family of Nocturno Stencil, you will receive two-axes Variable font, that controls both the weight and gap openings.

nocturno variable stencil


Nocturno Stencil includes a series of arrows, geometric shapes, and manicules (aka pointing hands)

nocturno stencil symbols


Nocturno typeface family was first published in 2013, designed by Nikola Djurek. This version (Nocturno Stencil) was published in Autumn 2019.

Single font 72.00 EUR
Complete 4 fonts 152.00 EUR

38.00 EUR/font