November Hebrew Condensed

Design Concept

Sometimes there are situations when a friendly typeface is too imposing. Sometimes you just want to use a typeface to get the job done. November Condensed is a rational, utilitarian typeface inspired by street signage. Unlike most signage types it also handles long texts with ease.

While most tool-based typefaces feature angled terminals, November’s end strokes are always straight, anticipating the following letter, creating distinctive counterspaces that support the visual rhythm of the words.

november hebrew counters


November is available in three logical widths, which offer complete typographic palette for the most demanding designers. The Condensed and Compressed versions solve setting long words and sentences next to short words set in the regular width version of November.

november hebrew widths

Symbols & Arrows

November Condensed is ideally suited for the information signage and wayfinding projects, and includes a collection of transportation and travel-related signs, symbols, icons, and various sets of arrows.

november symbols

International Typography

When the job takes you around the globe, November is ready to go with you. Supporting not only Hebrew script, but also Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Latin, November is ready to get down to business in over 200 languages.

november latin cyrillic greek hebrew arabic

Typographic Matchmaking

Unlike the Latin writing script, the Hebrew doesn’t have case, which makes it challenging to combine various scripts on same line of text. When setting the text in lower case, Hebrew may appear taller. When setting Latin in capitals, Hebrew looks too small. That’s why November Hebrew includes Small Caps, which are ideal for combining Latin and Hebrew next to each other.

hebrew latin matchmaking condensed


The Latin version of November includes various numerals sets — lining numerals for use with capitals, ranging numerals for combining with lower case. Hebrew set includes a special hybrid set of numerals, higher than small caps, but lower than the Latin lining numerals.

hebrew numerals condensed


November Condensed Hebrew was designed by Peter Biľak. Daniel Grumer fine-tuned the fonts, introduced lot of improvements, and designed the Condensed and Compressed styles. Michal Sahar consulted the design of the Hebrew version. Published in 2016.