Riggs Extended

Design Concept

Murtaugh & Riggs is a duo of complementary typefaces that take a new approach to building type families, basing this project not on stroke widths, but on the idea of age. Murtaugh is the senior partner of the team, seasoned and grounded but hardly ready for retirement. Riggs is the young gun, trendy, driven and ready to get at it. Together, they explore new possibilities, not only in typography, but in the defining how to construct a typeface family.

murtaugh and riggs type family

Styles and Widths

Murtaugh and Riggs are both available in six weights; Murtaugh has two widths (Normal and Condensed). Riggs comes with Normal, Condensed and Extended set, bringing the total number of its styles to 60 (Murtaugh and Riggs combined).

murtaugh and riggs styles

OpenType Features

Like all Typotheque typefaces, Murtaugh & Riggs come with a wealth of OpenType features, including Small Caps. As the fashionable one in this couple, Riggs also includes many alternate glyphs that can be controlled via the OpenType stylistic sets.

riggs opentype features


All weights of Murtaugh & Riggs include ten different kinds of numerals. Old-style figures are the default, and other styles (proportional lining, tabular, small caps, superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted) are selectable via OpenType.

murtaugh and riggs numerals


Murtaugh is loosely based on the 6-point version of Franklin Type’s Latin Antique (1889), reinterpreted by Nikola Djurek. Riggs is an original new typeface by Nikola Djurek based on the proportions of Murtaugh. Nikola Mikulić assisted with the production of Riggs. Both typefaces were published in January, 2020.