Zico Display Hebrew

Design Concept

Zico is a large typeface family inspired by sports aesthetics, available in a beefy Slab-Serif version and a corresponding Display version, slightly square-ish humanist Sans, and a narrower Sans Condensed. Zico is compemented by the Hebrew version of Slab, Sans, and Display.

zico type system overview

Zico Display is sturdy and dominant headline typeface, preserving the dynamics of the hand lettering that inspired it.The Display styles reduce white space to a minimum, sometimes resulting in unusual contrast distribution.. Combined, they offer complete typographic palette for the most demanding designers. Read more about development of Zico▸

zico hebrew display sketch


All weights of Zico Display Hebrew include two different kinds of numerals. Proportional Lining figures come as default figures, and there is also a special set of numerals matching the height of Hebrew letters. Those can be activated by turning Small Caps OpenType feature on.

zico display hebrew numerals

OpenType features

Zico Display Hebrew comes with Latin Small Caps, which match the height of the Hebrew letters.

zico display hebrew small caps

Separately, the fonts include a set of arrows, geometric forms, and manicules (litle hand icons).

zico display hebrew arrows


Designed by Daniel Grumer based on the original design by Marko Hrastovec. Published in 2017.