How the licence works

Please read our End User Licence Agreement - it is a legally binding document. The main points of the licence are:

1. The standard licence allows only a single user to use the fonts. If additional people will use the fonts, you need to upgrade the licence to cover multiple users.

2. By buying the licence you only buy the right to use the fonts. The fonts themselves remain the exclusive property of Typotheque.

3. You can back up the font data, (in fact your Typotheque online account is a backup of the latest versions of the fonts), but you may not modify the fonts in any way.

4. If the fonts donʼt work, we replace them.

5. You canʼt create other fonts based on our fonts. You also cannot sell or rent modified versions of our fonts.

6. You need a special licence if you plan to embed the fonts in games or other software.

7. You can embed fonts into PDF and Flash files for free, but you must set embedding to prevent font extraction.

8. Typotheque fonts are copyrighted and protected by trademark.

9. If you violate these terms, this agreement will be cancelled.

10. You may transfer the font licence to a third party if he or she agrees to the licensing conditions in writing and you destroy your copies of the fonts and confirm this in writing too.

11. We canʼt guarantee that the fonts will be appropriate for your projects.