Webfont options

Typotheque offers three different ways of using fonts on the web. Hosted Webfonts is the simplest option, ready to use in minutes. Clients receive CSS code for using fonts online, and manage their project via Typotheque online account. Actual font files are hosted on a remote network of servers (CDN), and clients don't have direct access to the files. This removes the complexity of serving the right font formats to the right browser. With the hosted webfonts, clients receive 500MB of free font bandwidth per months. If the website exceeds this limit, clients will pay for the extra bandwidth. In our experience, 90% of websites never exceed the free allocated bandwidth limit. If you are not certain how much traffic your website generated, you can always use the Free Webfont trial licence to get some data about your website's font use.

Read more about Webfont service (and watch the demo video).

For larger website that prefer to control their own assets we offer another option - Self-hosting webfont licence. With this webfont licence, the client manages the assets and has a full control over the files. It requires some programming skills as the fonts files will be installed on your own server, following our instructions. You can choose from two implementation methods, either using PHP scripts, or HTTP referrer script. Both ways are safe and reliable, and prevent fonts from being copied casually. Our self-hosting webfonts come with different tiers, depending on the monthly page views. When you exceed the number of page views, you are expected to upgrade the licence accordingly.

Finally, for very large sites, we also offer Server Licence, which don't come with any page view limitations. Server license fee is one time cost, there are no additional monthly or yearly annual charges.