Corporate licence

In certain situations, it makes more sense to purchase a Corporate Licence rather than a standard Multiple-User Licence. The Corporate Licence allows the installation and perpetual use of the fonts by an entire corporation or other legal entity, covering an unlimited number of users and locations.

Corporate Licence provides ultimate flexibility in how you can use the fonts, combining the rights granted by our Print & Web, Self-hosting Webfont (up to 10 million page views), and App Licenses, with no limit on number of users, number of domain names, or number of apps, and with no time restrictions. Valid for one single legal entity, perpetual license, one-time payment, and no recurring fees.

Optionally, you can cover affiliated third parties by extending this licence. You can purchase the Corporate Licence directly online.

Additionally, you can request modifications of the Corporate fonts, with your own name, and/or possible design modifications of selected fonts.