Third-party licence

The standard Desktop Licence can be extended with a Third Party Licence which permits an agency, printer, designer or service bureau to access and work with the font software. Since the Third Party Licence is an extension of an existing customer’s licence, it is therefore valid only for output of that customer’s jobs. This licence is priced at 50% of the Desktop licence.

Let’s look how we calculate the prices of a Third Party Licence. If the first user already has the Desktop License, then they have a right to request a Third Party Licence.

Third Party Service License

Example A: If there is just a single Designer working with them, a single style of the font, for a single user, will cost not €72 as usual, but €36.

Example B: If there is a Design Studio, or an Agency working with the client, then all people that need to work with the fonts (installing them on their computer) need to be covered by the Third Party Service Licence. A multiple user license is calculated according to this multiplication chart. A two-user Desktop license costs €90, therefore, a Third Party Service Licence costs €45

Example C: If there are multiple third parties working with the clients, each will need their own Third Party Licence. A Single user License for one font is €72, and after a discount it is €36. That number is multiplied by the number of third parties. If there are two external designers, the total price will be 2 parties × (price of the font × 50% discount) = €144

You can select the discounted Third Party license directly online in when ordering fonts. You can also upgrade your order to additional Third Parties after the order, from your online account. You can always contact us and provide the order number of the license that you wish to extend, and we do it for you. You can select if the original license holder will pay for the Third Party Service, or if the Third Parties will pay directly for their own licenses. A very common scenario is that a Client purchases a number of Third Party Licence, for each receives a pre-paid font download code. The client can then simply provide the download code to their External Third Parties, and they can download the fonts directly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if we can be of any help with ordering.