We've updated fedra fonts to to support Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese and Sanskript transliteration. The total number of glyphs in the OpenType Pro fonts is now 2...
3 November 2009
27 August 2007
14 January 2007
fedra Sans supports another two writing scripts, and 280 million more speakers.
5 September 2016
... Arabic, Armenian, and Devanagari, Inuktitut is the seventh writing script supported by fedra Sans
4 November 2015
fedra ranked No. 40 in the selection of best 100 typefaces since Gutenberg, judges by the international jury
30 January 2007
7 August 2005
... airport which more than doubles its size. Typotheque developed a custom version of fedra Sans for the Airport.
2 July 2012
... over 190 languages spoken by over 1.5 billion native speakers. Latest expansion of fedra family is Devanagari version.
30 May 2009
From now on, Typotheque cease to use Std/Pro font suffixes, and instead proposes to use standartised suffixes that identify language support in fonts.
18 April 2019
Today we are introducing a new licensing option for print purposes only that make the Typotheque fonts more affordable.
22 March 2019
Typotheque launches a new type design programme, a collection of contemporary text and display fonts for the Hebrew language.
23 October 2017
The new version of Typotheque’s website is a natural evolution of work started back in 1999. Here is a look back at the major milestones.
20 January 2016
... magazine looked for a typeface that would perform in all these platforms, and found fedra Sans and Serif.
29 January 2013
We keep seeing more and more websites using Typotheque webfonts, and it gets harder to select a representative sample. Here are three new sites that got our att...
27 December 2011
When I started working with type some twenty years ago I imagined a couple of dream applications for my future typefaces. I had no idea about font production, b...
12 December 2011
Dutch design agency Gummo designed a new series of post stamps for the TNT Post (now Post NL) on the given theme of not yet realised architecture in the Netherl...
10 October 2011
The third installment in the series of websites that use Typotheque’s webfont service.
18 July 2011
Following the first part of the focus on websites using Typotheque webfont service, we are now pleased to present another three websites.
23 March 2011
Looking at the statistics of Typotheque webfont service led to the discovery of some brilliant websites using our webfonts. We are now pleased to highlight some...
8 March 2011
Typotheque produces its own exclusive type specimens and sends them out free of charge to people who request them. Once the specimens are out of print, we don't...
11 October 2010
After launching our own webfont system, Typotheque now offers fonts specially engineered and optimised for exceptional readability on the computer monitor. Thes...
20 June 2010
Bringing the world of rich typography to the visually impaired
1 April 2010
Since its October 2009 launch, Typotheque’s Web Font Service has been used in over 290 sites, some of which we present in this small selection.
23 January 2010
The Indian Type Foundry will be the first specialised company to develop and directly distribute Unicode-compliant digital fonts in India.
4 September 2009
Up until now, if you wanted to use fonts on a website, you were limited to one of the dozen or so ‘web-safe’ fonts. We offer an alternative that allows usin...
15 July 2009
To meet the growing demand for for global communication, Typotheque has taken another step towards true internationalisation by extending all its fonts to suppo...
1 April 2009
Stamps are engraved by various artists, and layout is implemented by Peter Augustovič following the basic template designed by Peter Biľak.
23 January 2009
1 February 2006
13 September 2005