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This type specimen features in detail greta Sans type family and includes the extensive article on the process of designing type systems.

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Documentation and research that lead to design of Arabic newspaper typeface
Typeface stories · 21 March 2012 · English · 1436 words
November, October and November Stencil Tamil are a family of low-contrast, monolinear Tamil typefaces. Following a rigorous overhaul of the original, they have...
Essays · 18 November 2021 · English · 2034 words
Traditionally, Hebrew printed typography doesn't have a notion of ‘italic’, a concept linked with the evolution of the Latin alphabet. Hebrew, however, when...
Essays · 11 October 2017 · English · 1075 words
An article on the process of designing typefaces for the language other than your own — challenges of looking at unfamiliar patterns, letters, and their cultu...
Essays · 5 October 2017 · English · 1920 words
Overview and sample code for accessing OpenType features in CSS.
Tutorials · 19 September 2016 · English

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14 February 2007
We are pleased to present greta Mono, a fixed-width font family in an unprecedented ten weights and ten widths.
7 September 2015
2 November 2008
greta Sans Devanagari is the largest typeface system of interrelated styles produced for any Indic language, suitable for small text and headlines.
4 September 2017

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Sandoll is a type foundry in Korea, founded in 1984 by Geumho Seok. As a representative type foundry in Korea, Sandoll seeks to ‘build fonts, fo...
Born in Russia, she graduated from Ryazan Art School and later from Moscow State University of Printing. She specializes in type design and works curr...

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The grades of greta Text and greta Text Narrow were designed for print environment and are not available for online use. Those are very subtle details in weight...
... the em square defines the perceived type size. 1 Brioni; 2 Fedra Serif A; 3 greta Sans; 4 Irma Text; 5 Jigsaw; 6 greta Text; 7 Fedra Sans; 8 Nara; 9 Charl...

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A collection of international multilingual Unicode global fonts for all world languages for local and global audiences, and international brands. Latin, non-Latin and CJK fonts.