14 February 2007
We are pleased to present greta Mono, a fixed-width font family in an unprecedented ten weights and ten widths.
7 September 2015
2 November 2008
greta Sans Devanagari is the largest typeface system of interrelated styles produced for any Indic language, suitable for small text and headlines.
4 September 2017
greta Sans App is now available also as a screensaver. Download the ZIP file, unpack, and double click to install on your Mac.
7 May 2012
greta Sans explores a multidimensional continuum of possibilities, going beyond the relationship between weight and width, dissolving the boundaries between dis...
10 April 2012
Introducing greta Sans, in a typographic animation produced by Addikt, Amsterdam.
10 April 2012
Three years ago, we have launched greta Sans. Now, we further expand the system by Cyrillic and Greek versions, creating probably the largest type systems avail...
13 April 2015
greta Arabic is a modern Arabic newspaper typeface, carefully sculpted in the spirit of the Naskhi calligraphic style, the most legible and suitable Arabic styl...
12 June 2012
This greta Sans Type System Specimen App was created to help you explore the type system intuitively with a mouse or your fingers.
2 May 2012
Typotheque partnered with Seoul-based Sandoll to create a brand new Hangul typeface system that would expand the acceptability of sans serif Hangul letterforms,...
29 October 2020
November has been completely revised, redesigned and reengineered and are now available in both static and variable font formats.
18 November 2021
2020 has been an extraordinary year, one that has taught us many lessons and forced us to set priorities. During this time, our priority became to work on all t...
16 December 2020
The veteran and the young blood, a duo of typefaces defined by a generational divide.
14 January 2020
November and October, global font families inspired by an industrial heritage, now support the two most widely used Indian scripts.
10 September 2019
Typotheque now supports two additional South Indian writing scripts, Kannada and Telugu, and releases a new Devanagari font featuring classical contrast and pro...
20 May 2019
Over a decade in development, Ping is a new, not-so geometric Sans.
25 March 2019
Typotheque launches a new type design programme, a collection of contemporary text and display fonts for the Hebrew language.
23 October 2017
November is a rational, utilitarian typeface inspired by street signage. Unlike most signage types it also handles long texts with ease.
12 September 2016
‘Good idea, Slovakia!’, a logo and slogan presenting Slovakia abroad was officially introduced presentation on April 2016.
9 May 2016
Publishing new typefaces is a commercial venture, but there is also an element of public service. (Written for Financial Times).
5 August 2013
Communication Arts publisher Patrick Coyne needed a typeface that would give them the typographical tools necessary to support an international publication in b...
17 June 2013
The latest version of Unicode contains hundreds of newly encoded symbols, an advance which enables designers to specify images in icon fonts with specific Unico...
31 May 2012
Georgi Sztojanov, a composer from The Hague, matched visual parameters of greta Sans type system to musical parameters to create a musical composition.
12 April 2012
greta Symbol is a unique collection of thousands of useful symbols and alphanumerical characters, available as icons fonts in a range of 10 weights.
7 April 2012
Following the first part of the focus on websites using Typotheque webfont service, we are now pleased to present another three websites.
23 March 2011
Typotheque produces its own exclusive type specimens and sends them out free of charge to people who request them. Once the specimens are out of print, we don't...
11 October 2010
Since its October 2009 launch, Typotheque’s Web Font Service has been used in over 290 sites, some of which we present in this small selection.
23 January 2010
Bookshelf in Literarny Klub in a shape of letter 'k' from greta Text.
20 July 2009
After extensive but unsuccessful lobbying for the New York Times to adopt greta Text as the main typeface for its layout, the Dutch type foundry Typotheque acqu...
1 April 2008