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Uni Grotesk is a modern adaptation of the ubiquitous but awkward Universal Grotesk, a typeface that dominated communist Czechoslovakia.
Typeface stories · 7 March 2016 · English · 1550 words
Article on the process of designing karloff typeface, showing just how closely related beauty and ugliness are.
Typeface stories · 25 September 2012 · English · 957 words
In November 2010 Peter Biľak was invited to give a talk at a one-day conference ‘Conceptual Type – Type led by ideas’ in Copenhagen about the underlyin...
Essays · 24 February 2011 · English · 1738 words

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karloff connects the high contrast Modern type of Bodoni and Didot with the monstrous Italians. The difference between the attractive and repulsive forms lies i...
25 September 2012
karloff Cyrillic and Greek, designed by Maria Doreuli, who takes a particular interest in reverse-contrast typefaces.
8 November 2013