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The five centuries that followed Gutenberg and his moveable typefaces defined the possibilities of Roman serif type. The current possibilities of sans typefaces...
Essays · 11 March 2019 · English · 955 words
Riccardo Olocco and Jonathan Pierini’s Parmigiano is a reinterpretation of the work of Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) commemorating the bicentenary of his...
Typeface stories · 7 July 2014 · English · 1116 words
Article on the process of designing Karloff typeface, showing just how closely related beauty and ugliness are.
Typeface stories · 25 September 2012 · English · 957 words
Un recorrido que da cuenta de las mujeres diseñadoras de libros, revistas, campañas activistas, marcas y otras cosas más en el siglo XX.
Essays · 23 May 2012 · Spanish · 4956 words
This article is intended for an audience of contemporary designers and students who are at least one step removed from mid-century British typographic culture;...
Typeface stories · 11 March 2007 · English · 2703 words

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A typeface that started a decade ago with a Cyrillic design finally gets its official Cyrillic version.
13 June 2018
william, a contemporary interpretation of Caslon, is a truly international font in which English, Dutch and Russian influences come together to create one compl...
29 February 2016
To meet the growing demand for for global communication, Typotheque has taken another step towards true internationalisation by extending all its fonts to suppo...
1 April 2009

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is partner with William Drenttel in a design consultancy in Northwest Connecticut (USA) named Winterhouse Studio. They concentrate on editorial design...