Awards are things given to a person or a group of people to recognize achievements.

We are pleased to announce that Ping typeface family received the Gold European Design Award for 2019.
18 June 2019
Book edition Thomas Bernhard, Autobiographische Schriften, designed by Clemens Schedler won the State Award 2010 at the Best Books of Austria.
9 April 2011
Typotheque pays as much attention to ‘non-Latin’ fonts as to our Latin fonts, and by now our fonts support over 190 languages spoken by over 1.5 billion native speakers. Latest expansion of Fedra family is Devanagari version.
30 May 2009
Typographica published their Favorite Typefaces of 2008. Two Typotheque's typefaces were selected: Brioni and History.
23 April 2009
Klimax received the Type Directors Club’s Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2009. Klimax also received the Judgeʼs Choice award.
20 February 2009
Fedra ranked No. 40 in the selection of best 100 typefaces since Gutenberg, judges by the international jury
30 January 2007