Books are collections of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, usually fastened together to hinge at one side.

There is nothing better than seeing our fonts in action
28 June 2016
When I started working with type some twenty years ago I imagined a couple of dream applications for my future typefaces. I had no idea about font production, but I was already fantasising about the possible results of what was then my evening hobby.
12 December 2011
We have just received Social Energy, a book documenting a series of travelling design exhibitions, workshops and lectures presented across China.
31 August 2011
The book ‘158 answers’ presents eleven interviews with renowned type designers and writers, interviewed by students of Type Media postgraduate course in type design.
9 May 2011
Book edition Thomas Bernhard, Autobiographische Schriften, designed by Clemens Schedler won the State Award 2010 at the Best Books of Austria.
9 April 2011
Bookshelf in Literarny Klub in a shape of letter 'k' from Greta Text.
20 July 2009
New book published by true true true mocking the perverse fanaticism in design.
13 March 2009