A conference is a meeting of people gathered to discuss a topic.

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In November 2010 Peter Biľak was invited to give a talk at a one-day conference ‘Conceptual Type – Type led by ideas’ in Copenhagen about the underlying ideas behind typefaces. This lecture questions the possibility of conceptual type and compares type to other disciplines.
Essays · 24 February 2011 · English · 1738 words
Review of India’s first design conference, held in 2006 in Goa.
Reviews · 23 September 2006 · English · 656 words
A Korean translation of Stefan Sagmeister’s lecture about the state of contemporary design, ethics, advertising and aesthetics.
Essays · 15 September 2006 · Korean · 514 words
Blogs, design criticism and the AIGA Vancouver conference discussion about the premacy of corporate vs. editorial design...
Essays · 22 December 2004 · English · 1310 words
Despite the piece’s off-colour title, an optimism exists in this reaction to what the author sees as the hermetic design field’s reverence of the late Tibor Kalman.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 884 words

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Johanna and Peter Bilak will speak at the Tag der Typografie conference in Zurich. The title of the talk is Sources of inspiration: Central European typography and beyond
23 November 2006