credit card

A credit card is a small plastic card issued to users as a system of payment, e.g. AMEX, Visa, Mastercard.

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An incomplete order receives a status ‘Waiting for Payment’. In this case, the client will need to attempt another order with a credit card, or transfer the funds by a bank transfer. In either case, no money will be charged automatically, so if client takes no action, such order will...
When reaching the limit of free 500MB per month, you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for the bandwidth that go over the free limit. There is currently no way to pre-pay the bandwidth, you receive an invoice after exceeding the limit.
As a company registered in the Netherlands, Typotheque is obliged to issue all its invoices in Euro. For the convenience of US clients, we indicate on the invoice also an estimate of the amount in US dollars. For this estimation we use Universal Currency Converter.
Some credit card companies have started requesting extra security information when processing payments. This is for the protection of their customers and has nothing to do with our website. Visa and MasterCard in particular have developed authentication procedures to improve online transaction security.
Sometimes a valid order attempt is refused by Adyen, our credit card processing company. This happens especially to our US-based clients. The bank that issued the card is trying to protect the customer (you) by blocking the card when it is used overseas.

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Any personal information will be used only to process your order or provide support. Under no circumstances will we sell or otherwise give away your information. Typotheque does not retain credit card details on our servers, we only keep a token that allows us to make recurrent payments.
Bank-to-bank wire transfer is considered the safest international payment method. Purchase Typotheque products without credit card
Information about ordering Typotheque products using your credit card and other secure internet payment methods. Fonts can be downloaded immediately.