Croatia is a country in Central Europe and the Balkans.

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Hard cover book about the history of the writing scripts in the Balkan region presenting the history of Latin, Cyrillic, Glagolitic, and Bosnian Arabic.

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A new typeface for identities and headlines, with quirky forms inspired by an unusual signage system.
14 May 2018
Balkan, a typeface designed for the transliteration of Croatian and Serbian, has been expanded to support Russian and other Cyrillic languages.
22 January 2018
Zico Sans is a slightly square-ish Sans Serif with humanist roots designed by Marko Hrastovec.
3 October 2017

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Marko Hrastovec is a Croatian type and graphic designer, who studied at the postgraduate course Type & Media, at the Royal Academy of Arts in The ...
Marija Juza was born in Zagreb, Croatia. After finishing School of Applied Arts and Design Zagreb, Department of Interior Architecture, she enrolled i...
Hrvoje Živčić studied at the postgraduate course in type design Type & Media at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. He is now based in his...
Nikola Djurek was born in Croatia, studied in Croatia, Italy and finally in The Netherlands at postgraduate master course Type and Media at Royal Acad...