Czech and Slovak Republics

The Czech and Slovak Republics are Central European countries which existed as Czechoslovakia from 1918 to 1992.

Simple graphics unite Slovaks seeking justice and decency in the largest protests in the country’s history.
15 March 2018
Nara Sans is an energetic sans serif version of Typotheque’s Nara family, echoing the original concept of dynamic, upright cursives and slanted italics.
11 April 2017
‘Good idea, Slovakia!’, a logo and slogan presenting Slovakia abroad was officially introduced presentation on April 2016.
9 May 2016
The fascinating history of visual culture in Slovakia between the wars is presented in the book Modernity of Tradition.
2 April 2012
Bookshelf in Literarny Klub in a shape of letter 'k' from Greta Text.
20 July 2009
Nara explores gaps in traditional type classification. It exhibits characteristics of humanist typefaces, such as an oblique axis of contrast between the thick and thin strokes, but also characteristics of modern typefaces.
1 June 2009
Stamps are engraved by various artists, and layout is implemented by Peter Augustovič following the basic template designed by Peter Biľak.
23 January 2009