design heroes

Design heroes are influential and much-admired designers.

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Fourth edition of much anticipated book presenting almost 60 years of the work of Karel Martens.
A definite monograph about Wim Crouwel going into great depth to understand the methodology of one of the greatest minds in modern graphic design.
This is the first publication devoted to De Does’s life and work best known as a type and book designer, creator of typefaces Trinité and Lexicon.

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A Korean translation of Stefan Sagmeister’s lecture about the state of contemporary design, ethics, advertising and aesthetics.
Essays · 15 September 2006 · Korean · 514 words
An epistemology of the word ‘experimental’ as it applies to design and type, contrasted with its scientific connotations. Examples of past and current design, type and reading/language, as well as scientific experiment, are taken into account.
Essays · 23 January 2005 · English · 2063 words
A critical review of a new book featuring excerpts of Marshall McLuhan’s work, designed by David Carson. Tha author considers the complex task of illustrating McLuhan’s intricate work, and whether or not Carson’s visual devices are successful.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 675 words
A critical review of the design book Restart, first appearing in Items first issue. Some very well-known designers’ work is featured in this modern vs. post-modern, 175 page book from two London-based authors.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 613 words
A review, first appearing in Items first issue, of Bruce Mau‘s other large book, which arrived three years after S,M,L,XL. Described is an interesting archaeology of contemporary culture and design.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 899 words

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We decided to do something special to celebrate Typotheque’s first 10 years. We asked four of our colleagues to design t-shirts for the occasion. The project brief was carte blanche, no strings attached: design a T-shirt that you yourself would like to wear.
24 September 2009
New book published by true true true mocking the perverse fanaticism in design.
13 March 2009

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Karel Martens (1939) is a Dutch graphic designer and teacher. His body of work spans over 50 years. His work ranges from post stamps, books, architect...
Born in Austria. After having worked at M&Co. in New York and at the Hong Kong office of the advertising agency Leo Burnett, he formed the New...