An End-user license agreement (EULA) is a contract between "licensor" and purchaser defining the conditions of use for a product.

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In this issue of WTW we look at inventions as deceptively simple as the shipping container and as staggeringly complex as an intercontinental aircraft.

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We now offer two different font licences. The Print & Web Licence (formerly the Basic Licence) entitles you to download the font files to your computer and use them in print applications as well as on the web.
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us directly when you are ready to do so. Both users will have to have a Typotheque account and agree to the terms of the licence.
Fonts are software, and their use is defined by their End-User Licence Agreement. At the moment, most commercial fonts don’t permit font embedding, but all Typotheque fonts can be embedded via our secure server.
When you output your job, the easiest method is to send PDF or PostScript files to the printer, as this eliminates the need for the printer to use the fonts. If your printer or service bureau needs to work with the fonts, you can get a Service Licence extension for...
You may transfer a previously purchased font licence to a third party if the third party agrees to our EULA in writing and you destroy your copies of the fonts and confirm this in writing too.

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Typotheque End User Licence Agreement for Font Software in Russian
Typotheque End User Licence Agreement for Font Software