Web hosting is providing space on a server which allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

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The pilot issue demonstrates that creativity is not the exclusive domain of artists or designers, but something that surrounds us in our daily lives.

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Typotheque offers three different ways of using fonts on the web. Typotheque Webfont service is the simplest option, ready to use in minutes. Clients receive CSS code for using fonts online, and manage their project via Typotheque online account.
While the licence of the Typotheque Web Font Service doesn’t cover the installation of fonts on external servers, we do offer a special Server Licence which allows installation of fonts on web servers. The fonts must be installed following special instructions. This licence is priced at €1500 per font.
Typotheque hosts fonts on a global content delivery network using’s redundant server architecture. This makes Typotheque webfont hosting faster and more reliable than most of our clients’ own websites.
Instead of providing a font file directly to clients, we provide a block of dynamically-generated CSS code for use on the client’s site. The actual font file is hosted on our secure servers, and its URL is not visible to the end user.

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Typotheque offers a special font licence that allows installation of fonts on web servers
Removing the Flash Of Unstyled Content in Firefox when using CSS @font-face rule by toggling the visibility of page to none.
Typotheque Webfont Service Licence Agreement, for server hosted web fonts using @font-face declaration.