Humour is the quality of being amusing or comic.

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A real-life situation that forced a type designer to evaluate his profession. One small typographic detail (an incorrect version of the diacritic over the letter L) caused troubles with the authorities. With a happy end.
Essays · 25 September 2010 · English · 1466 words

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In what language your dog barks? Manu, our series of multilingual fonts, allow dogs to freely express them in any of the 150 supported languages.
7 April 2016
Newly published handwritten font Manu offers various possibilities of expression, as demonstrated in this comic strip.
6 April 2016
In a project of Typeradio and the HBK Saar students choose existing typefaces and interpret them in short compositions. Martin Kalle chose our History as the inspiration for his piece.
1 March 2011
We are pleased to present Image and Text, a new website that experiments with the power of text and images. It is intriguing to see how text can modify our understanding of images, and how a single image can be interpreted in multiple ways.
18 November 2010
Bringing the world of rich typography to the visually impaired
1 April 2010