Illustration is the art of creating images in order to elucidate or dictate information.

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This small book documents the work of Cyrus Highsmith— his type design and well as his sketches and drawings at the occasion of Gerrit Noordzij Prize.
Back Cover (formerly known as Marie Louise) is a French magazine interested in design history and visual universe. Now with full English translation. Published twice a year.

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A film review of director Tony Silver‘s documentary about the life and work of the Amercian illustrator Marshall Arisman.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 562 words

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A sophisticated handwriting font written with two pens, in two speeds, supporting Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew scripts.
4 April 2016

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Max Kisman (1953) is a Dutch graphic design and illustrator. In the mid 1980s he pioneered digital technology and created first post stamp for PTT...