Irma Boom

Irma Boom (1960–) is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer specialising in book making.

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With this tiny, 1,000-page, richly illustrated book, Irma Boom encourages a new generation of designers to experiment and develop new ways of making books.

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Peter Biľak speaks to Irma Boom about how her design practice developed over the past decade.
Interviews · 23 July 2012 · English · 2942 words
Irma Boom, one of the world’s foremost book designers, discusses her working methods, preferences, and the nature of free-range design.
Interviews · 29 November 2001 · English · 1590 words

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We have just received Social Energy, a book documenting a series of travelling design exhibitions, workshops and lectures presented across China.
31 August 2011
Meet & Greet Dutch Design. This first edition of AGI-NL 2010 is a project of the Dutch members of Alliance Graphique Internationale.
21 September 2010
We decided to do something special to celebrate Typotheque’s first 10 years. We asked four of our colleagues to design t-shirts for the occasion. The project brief was carte blanche, no strings attached: design a T-shirt that you yourself would like to wear.
24 September 2009

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Irma Boom (1960) is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer specializing in book design. She worked for five years at the Dutch Government Publishing and ...