A lecture is an oral presentation intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject.

We have just received Social Energy, a book documenting a series of travelling design exhibitions, workshops and lectures presented across China.
31 August 2011
In November 2010 Peter Biľak was invited to give a talk at a one-day conference ‘Conceptual Type – Type led by ideas’ in Copenhagen about the underlying ideas behind typefaces.
24 February 2011
Autumn is a busy conference times and Typotheque will give a couple of public presentations in the coming weeks. Meet us in Munich, Helsinki, Copenhagen or Gothenburg.
27 October 2010
Meet & Greet Dutch Design. This first edition of AGI-NL 2010 is a project of the Dutch members of Alliance Graphique Internationale.
21 September 2010
Typotheque joins a few events in the coming weeks. If you happen to be in Vienna, Paris, or Ljubljana, please join us for the talk, and drinks afterward.
3 October 2009
Johanna and Peter Bilak will speak at the Tag der Typografie conference in Zurich. The title of the talk is Sources of inspiration: Central European typography and beyond
23 November 2006