Licensing relates to an agreement granting and documenting permission to use products or materials.

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This type specimen makes typeface selection easier and more fun with split pages that let you create over 10,000 type combinations.
Dot Dot Dot began life as a graphic design magazine, but whose content has gradually widened to cover art, music, language, film and literature.

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Today we are introducing a new licensing option for print purposes only that make the Typotheque fonts more affordable.
22 March 2019
Typotheque now licenses the engine behind our Webfont service, allowing font conversion to EOT, WOFF and SVG and Character Set Viewer, the online application that displays all glyphs from a TTF or OTF font, including their OpenType alternatives (GSUB and GPOS).
23 April 2010

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There is no limit on the number of specified domains. In case of the self-hosted webfonts, the total number of monthly page views, needs to cover all domains. For example, if you use ten different domains, and each has 100,000 monthly page views, you need a Self-hosted Webfont License for...
For the hosted fonts you pay a one-time fee for the font licence. If you stay within the allocated bandwidth limit (500MB per font per month), there will be no further costs for you. Additional bandwidth costs €0.001 per megabyte, per month.
We issue an electronic invoice for every order. You can access these PDF invoices at any time in your account. If you require a paper copy of the invoice, do get in touch.
A special embedding licence is required to use the fonts in electronic books, game playing devices, wearables, gaming and gambling devices irrespective of whether the device contains the font data or merely the designs of the fonts. This licence is available directly online on the font ordering page.
For our clients we often customise our fonts. For example: if a certain font is perfect for your situation, but you require a different letter ʻgʼ or ʻ&ʼ glyph, Typotheque can design and implement alternatives based on your needs.

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Typotheque offers a 80% educational discount for students, teachers, faculty and schools.
Typotheque End User Licence Agreement for Font Software in Russian
Typotheque offers a special font licence that allows installation of fonts on web servers
Broadcast On Television Cable or Feature Movies, Film. Broadcast and Film Usage refers to the use of the Font Software in titling, credits for any on-screen broadcast via television, or motion picture titling.
Typotheque Webfont Service Licence Agreement, for server hosted web fonts using @font-face declaration.