Mark Thomson

Former Art Director of Taschen and Collins, currently working as independent designer in London.

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Peter Biľak speaks with Mark Thomson about his beginnings, running a type foundry, magazines, print media in general, modern dance and typography. This interview appeared in Eye magazine No.75, Spring 2010 in the Reputations series.
Interviews · 27 September 2010 · English · 3447 words
The art director of Collins describes the process of designing the new set of dictionaries, their history, layout and choice of type. Due to the scale at which a dictionary’s content is expressed and the particular way in which the content is read, microtypographic decisions have an unusually large effect.
Essays · 28 April 2005 · English · 4514 words

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Designer, art director, writer. Art Director of Taschen 1993–97; Director of International Design UK/Principal of Mark Thomson Design 1998&ndash...