Martin Majoor

Martin Majoor (1960–) is a Dutch type designer and graphic designer, designer of the FF Scala, FF Seria, FF Nexus families.

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A long-awaited reprint of the 2004 book ‘Dutch Type’, a comprehensive overview of type design and lettering in the Netherlands from the 15th to the 20th centuries
Comprehensive overview of type design in the Netherlands from the fifteenth century till 2004. The book provides insights into the methods of the Dutch type.

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The introduction to a series of interviews and articles by and about Martin Majoor, the designer of Scala, Seria, Telefont and others.
Features · 1 February 2005 · English · 221 words
The fifth chapter of Emily King’s doctoral thesis which focuses on typeface design in the United States, England and the Netherlands between 1987 and 1997.
Essays · 23 January 2005 · English · 16066 words
This article by the designer of Scala and Seria is as much a typographic guide and history lesson as it is a personal account of his approach to type design.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 3195 words
The background of the design of Majoor’s font Seria.
Typeface stories · 29 November 2004 · English · 1104 words
A mid-90s account of the development and current state of Dutch design and type in the context of its cultural and political history.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 1756 words

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The book ‘158 answers’ presents eleven interviews with renowned type designers and writers, interviewed by students of Type Media postgraduate course in type design.
9 May 2011

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Born in 1960, type designer since the mid-1980s. Around 1990 he designed the award-winning typeface family Scala and Scala Sans. In 1994 Majoor design...