Microtypography is the art of controlling the fine details in type, such as inter-word and inter-letter spacing, hyphenation and justification.

Three volume research and dialogues about typography in China, including its history and development, conventions and contemporary practice.
Typotheque Type specimen No.15 presents 21 Hebrew type families, and describes the process of designing them.
Eleventh Typonine type specimen presenting Surogat font family.
Sixth Typonine type specimen showcasing Nocturno font family.
Fourth Typonine specimen presenting the Thema typeface family.
Twelve Typonine type specimen presenting Tesla Slab font family.
Thirteenth Typonine Type Specimen presenting Tremolo font family.
This book contains two essays by the Dutch typographer and type designer Bram de Does on the development of his two typefaces Trinité and Lexicon.
A concise yet rich discussion of all the small things that enhance the legibility of texts. A guide to micro-typography considering all text situations.