Nikola Djurek

Nikola Djurek is a Croatian teacher, graphic and type designer, and partner at Typotheque.

Type specimen presented a typeface family Plotter by Nikola Djurek, with extensive essay by Thomas Maier and Florian Hardwig.
Hard cover book about the history of the writing scripts in the Balkan region presenting the history of Latin, Cyrillic, Glagolitic, and Bosnian Arabic.
Eleventh Typonine type specimen presenting Surogat font family.
Seventh Typonine type specimen presenting Mote font family.
Sixth Typonine type specimen showcasing Nocturno font family.
Type specimen presenting the bilingual type system Balkan.
Concise type specimen in a form of a poster presenting Delvard Gradient type family.
An overview of Nikola Djurek’s fonts in this comprehensive type specimen from Typonine.
Fourth Typonine specimen presenting the Thema typeface family.
Twelve Typonine type specimen presenting Tesla Slab font family.
Fifth Typonine type specimen in form of a poster showing all variants of Audree parametric font system.
Thirteenth Typonine Type Specimen presenting Tremolo font family.