Ondrej Jób

Ondrej Jób (1984–) is a Slovakian graphic designer and type designer who completed a Type and Media masters at KABK in The Hague.

We are proud and excited to announce Fontstand, a new Mac OS X application that lets you test fonts for free and rent them for a fraction of their retail price.
25 May 2015
Woodkit is a playful fixed-width display series of typefaces inspired by wood type, designed by Ondrej Jób.
20 October 2014
For the past year we've been working on redesigning Typotheque.com from the ground up. This was not just a reformatting of content. We rethought every section, offering new, more interactive ways to view and work with fonts.
17 September 2010
Klimax received the Type Directors Club’s Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2009. Klimax also received the Judgeʼs Choice award.
20 February 2009