The patented Otabind binding method. An Otabind book opens more easily, and the spine of the book does not break even in long-term use.

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A limited edition full set of Works That Work magazine, in a specially made slipcase.
Final issue of Works That Work magazine. This issue presents a vision of design that we believe in, design as a process that leads to permanent betterment of life and where everyone involved benefits.
This issue of Works That Work is exploring the fine line between breaking the rules and breaking the laws.
In this issue we look at designs from the past that have shaped the present, and designs from the present that will affect the future.

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Nowadays ‘New and Improved’ often mean just tiny irrelevant changes, so we thought it might be good to talk about the development process that led up to the seventh “new and improved” version of our calendar.
13 November 2010