Photography is art of recording still or moving pictures on film or an electronic sensor.

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Selected as one of the most beautiful books in the world in Leipzig, this remarkable book shows the North Sea horizons taken hourly day and night over the course of a year.
The Sport and Game issue of WTW, about sport as a powerful tool for shaping the foundations of a community, for solving problems where politicians stalemate and for paving the way for social progress.
In this issue we look at designs from the past that have shaped the present, and designs from the present that will affect the future.
Back Cover (formerly known as Marie Louise) is a French magazine interested in design history and visual universe. Now with full English translation. Published twice a year.
Art/design publication which began life as a graphic design magazine, but whose content has widened to cover art, music, language, politics, film and literature.

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An interesting analysis of the history, politics and context of graphic images which are composed of crowds of people: people as pixels!
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 2076 words
A brief examination of the politics, culture and designer’s role in the uses, cultural placement and proliferation of stock photography.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 2444 words
A history of visual design and arts pedagogy, the Bauhaus, semiotics and gestalt theories as they apply to modern graphic design education.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 6235 words

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After a year of preparation, we’ve just released the first issue of Works That Work, ‘a magazine of unexpected creativity’.
11 February 2013
Body Type turns human bodies into a functional type system. It is available as a set of 26 hi-res photos or as a Photofont file (usable in Adobe applications), and includes two styles, Regular and Bold, for a greater range of expression.
26 April 2011
We are pleased to present Image and Text, a new website that experiments with the power of text and images. It is intriguing to see how text can modify our understanding of images, and how a single image can be interpreted in multiple ways.
18 November 2010

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The Dutch artists Bruno van den Elshout initiates autonomous projects that explore unexpected connections between people and ideas. His book New Horiz...
Rudy VanderLans is the co-founder of the magazine and type foundry Emigre, together with his wife Zuzana Licko. VanderLans studied at the Royal Academ...