Pricing determines how much must be paid in exchange for products.

Complete packages of fonts are significantly discounted. While a single style of a PostScript font costs €60, a complete Fedra Sans Pro package with 35 styles costs only €520. If you previously purchased a licence for a single style of a font and now wish to use the complete package,...
If you previously purchased a licence for an Extended Latin font (support for Latin-based languages only) and now need the Extended Latin / Cyrillic / Greek version (support also for Greek, Greek polytonic, Cyrillic and Vietnamese), you can upgrade your licence.
If you have previously purchased a licence for a PostScript or TrueType font, and now need the OpenType version, you can upgrade your licence. Instead of paying the full price of a new licence, you will pay only the difference in price.
As a company registered in the Netherlands we list all prices and issue all invoices in Euros. For your convenience there is an option to display product prices in other currencies. These converted prices are for your information only; the invoice will be issued in Euros.
Typotheque offers volume discounts on larger font orders. When you select a complete package of our fonts, the price is significantly lower than when you buy the same fonts separately.
We offer the option to upgrade either smaller font packages to larger ones, or upgrade single-user licenses to multiple-user licenses. For example, you can buy a single-user license for Fedra Sans Light for €72 now, and upgrade it later to a complete package for the total price of the package...
The main variables that affect the price of a font are: the number of selected styles, number of users, and the language version (encoding). For example, our Extended Latin fonts are €72 per style, while Extended Latin/Cyrillic/Greek fonts are €96 per style (for single-user licenses).