Pricing determines how much must be paid in exchange for products.

Typotheque offers a 80% educational discount for students, teachers, faculty and schools.
Broadcast On Television Cable or Feature Movies, Film. Broadcast and Film Usage refers to the use of the Font Software in titling, credits for any on-screen broadcast via television, or motion picture titling.
Typotheque offers volume discounts on larger font orders, and when several packages are ordered at the same time.
Information about multiple-user licence pricing of Typotheque font software. With the Multiple-User License, you can cover additional font users for a fraction of the regular price.
Font Licensing Options: Basic End User Licence, multiple-user licence, Service Licence, World-wide licence, Webfont Service Licence, Broadcasting License, Font Embedding for Software and Hardware developers, Print & Web Licence, Web Licence
Perpetual corporate font license allows the installation and use of the fonts for an unlimited number of users within one legal entity, with no restrictions.
The service licence is a supplement to the basic licence which permits the user to supply the font software to a printer or service bureau for imaging.