A type revival is a recreation of an old typeface design for a new technology, sometimes strict copy, sometimes a loose interpretation.

This article is intended for an audience of contemporary designers and students who are at least one step removed from mid-century British typographic culture; it is a critique of the Gill Sans typeface and the idiosyncrasies of its creation from a contemporary perspective. The central argument is that an earlier typeface by Eric Gill’s mentor, Edward Johnston, is a superior piece of type design.
Typeface stories · 11 March 2007 · English · 2703 words
Andy Crewdson discusses the origins of the Dutch designer’s recent family of types.
Typeface stories · 24 February 2005 · English · 1573 words
Type design as accumulated knowledge and continuity: a look at the role of type designers, history and technology, revivals and invention.
Essays · 1 December 2004 · English · 774 words