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The role of the designer questions the way the designer affects communication.

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Fourth edition of much anticipated book presenting almost 60 years of the work of Karel Martens.
Transparency is a study on design and language, Peter Bilak’s MA thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Bratislava (1997), designed, written and edited by the author.
A limited edition full set of Works That Work magazine, in a specially made slipcase.
Final issue of Works That Work magazine. This issue presents a vision of design that we believe in, design as a process that leads to permanent betterment of life and where everyone involved benefits.
The Sport and Game issue of WTW, about sport as a powerful tool for shaping the foundations of a community, for solving problems where politicians stalemate and for paving the way for social progress.

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What is the value of type competitions? A brief reflection on the common practice of awards hunting.
Essays · 20 March 2012 · English · 620 words
Third in the heavily subsidised series ‘Graphic design in the Netherlands’, Jan van Toorn, Critical Practice takes on the difficult task of exploring and striving to elucidate the work of Jan van Toorn (JvT), a designer who is not always clear about his intentions, who makes frequent use of inexplicable images and text, and whose work is often described with concepts such as ‘alienation’, ‘incomprehensibility’, ‘defamiliarisation’, ‘digressions’ and ‘intrusion’.
Reviews · 16 July 2008 · English · 896 words
Essays · 11 April 2007 · Korean · 1501 words
An honest appraisal of the role discussions about type design have in the broader culture today, and why there is a need for a more cohesive discussion within the field.
Essays · 7 June 2005 · English · 1142 words
Graphic designer Willem Sandberg became the director of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum in 1945. From that time until 1962 he designed almost all the printed matter for the Stedelijk and transformed the museum, introducing new ideas into the stuffy world of museums of that time.
Reviews · 11 May 2005 · English · 1094 words

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Born in Austria. After having worked at M&Co. in New York and at the Hong Kong office of the advertising agency Leo Burnett, he formed the New...
Writer and design critic based in New York. He is a contributing editor for Metropolis magazine and research fellow for the Design Institute at the Un...