Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information, typically for wayfinding.

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Steven Heller, in his affable way, reviews a book by Lewis Blackwell and Lorraine Wild which takes on Ed Fella's Polaroids of found graphics and alphabets throughout the US as well as some of his lettering. The book sounds like a lively account of American vernacular lettering and images, as well as a good platform to view Ed Fella's own work.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 975 words
An interview from 2002 with the Font Bureau designer Tobias Frere-Jones, the creator of Gotham, Interstate and Garage Gothic to name just a few.
Interviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 1167 words
Design errors in academic design curricula, the 2000 presidential ballot and aviation and nuclear accidents are considered, the concept of human error is called into question, and a call for human-centered design for the fallible user is put forward in this discussion from 2001.
Interviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 2341 words
A survey of woman designers of books, magazines, activist campaigns, identities etc. across the 20th century.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 4875 words
Steven Heller laments the disappearance of refined modern design craftsmanship and organisation, and provides some background to Sutnar’s work, upholding him as a pioneer of just this sort of waning craft.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 1230 words

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October’s rounded strokes are inherent to the milling technique that inspired it.
13 December 2016

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Peter Verheul is a Dutch type designer and teacher. He studied graphic and typographic design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. Since 1...