small caps

Small caps are small versions of uppercase characters designed to harmonise with surrounding lowercase letters.

Software applications which do not support OpenType layout features (check which software does support OTF features) can only display the default forms of letters and numbers. Typotheque fonts designed for small sizes usually use Old Style figures, while fonts designed for headlines use Lining figures.
Regular Typotheque fonts support over 250 languages and advanced typographic features such as small caps, different numeral styles, alternative characters and special symbols. Web browsers, however, can access only a small fraction of those characters. Removing these inaccessible features makes the files much smaller, so they download much quicker.
Many of the special characters in our typefaces are activated by turning on the appropriate features in your application. For example, you can select a segment of text and convert it to small caps or to superior letters without having to retype it.
Since the OpenType font format allows more than 65,000 characters to reside within a single font file, there is now no need to have separate fonts for small capitals when using an OpenType-savvy application such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or PhotoShop.