Steven Heller

Steven Heller (1950–) is an American art director, journalist, critic, author, and editor who specializes on topics related to graphic design.

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This lavishly illustrated book presents the most coherent overview of Sutnar’s work to date. With essays by Steven Heller and Paul Makovsky.

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Steven Heller describes the guilty revelation experienced when he learned that typeface software licenses are sold for use on specific, not unlimited numbers of CPUs. He calls for the ethical treatment of type designers, i.e. respect for their copyrights.
Essays · 5 March 2005 · English · 1511 words
The second chapter of Emily King’s doctoral thesis which focuses on typeface design in the United States, England and the Netherlands between 1987 and 1997.
Essays · 23 January 2005 · English · 18886 words
Two books are reviewed and compared: one, a Phaidon book by Steven Heller on the history of avant-garde publications from the early 20th century on, the other, a glossier Taschen book featuring the recent design work of some 100 studios. Read on as Stuart Bailey puts the two in a ring together and hands Heller a very large pair of gloves.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 1633 words
A film review of director Tony Silver‘s documentary about the life and work of the Amercian illustrator Marshall Arisman.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 562 words
Steven Heller, in his affable way, reviews a book by Lewis Blackwell and Lorraine Wild which takes on Ed Fella's Polaroids of found graphics and alphabets throughout the US as well as some of his lettering. The book sounds like a lively account of American vernacular lettering and images, as well as a good platform to view Ed Fella's own work.
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 975 words

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Art director of the New York Times Book Review and founder and co-chair of the School of Visual Arts, New York MFA/Design Program. He is the former ed...