Switzerland is a country in Western Europe, home of Swiss cheese.

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A concise yet rich discussion of all the small things that enhance the legibility of texts. A guide to micro-typography considering all text situations.
This is a 2019 reprint of the book first published in 1992. Kinross argues that ‘modern typography’ is more than just a modernism of style. Typography, in this book is considered in the light of the social, political and technical changes of the recent period.

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This article describes the process of designing Thesaurus typeface, based on the types that Robert Estienne brought from Paris to Geneva, and in some way, serve as a bridge between France and Switzerland, between Catholicism and Protestantism, and now, through Thesaurus, between past and present.
Typeface stories · 15 January 2017 · English
Hans Eduard Meier’s typographic work is the fruit of his passion for letter design which has lasted over 60 years, against a background of profound technological mutations. The research he conducted in the 1950s is still relevant today, notably in his book The Development of Script and Type and his Syntax typeface, a key humanistic sans serif. He is still designing typefaces today, such as Schulschrift. His output in this domain can be seen as a type of “sustainable typography”.
Essays · 1 February 2012 · English · 5749 words
La obra tipográfica de Hans Eduard Meier refleja más de sesenta años de pasión por la letra y atraviesa profundas mutaciones técnicas. Si, por un lado, la investigaciones que realizó en la década de 1950 no han perdido vigencia –tanto su libro La evolución de la letra como el Syntax, esencial dentro del repertorio de tipos humanísticos sin remates–, por otro lado, su trabajo continua en la actualidad con nuevas creaciones como el Schulschrift. Por ello es tentador calificar su producción como «tipografía sostenible».
Essays · 1 February 2012 · Spanish · 6027 words
L’œuvre typographique de Hans Eduard Meier révèle plus de soixante ans de passion pour la lettre et la traversée de profondes mutations techniques. Si ses recherches des années 1950 restent d’actualité – aussi bien son livre Le Développement des caractères que le Syntax, essentiel dans le répertoire des fontes sans sérifs humanistiques –, il poursuit aujourd’hui avec de nouvelles créations, comme le Schulschrift. Il est tentant de qualifier sa production de « typographie durable ».
Essays · 1 February 2012 · French · 5625 words
Dimitri Bruni of NORM talks to Jürg Lehni about designing with systematic procedures and limitations, the influence of tools and their projects Replica and Sign Generator.
Interviews · 14 April 2011 · English · 1691 words

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When I was studying at the Atelier national de création typographique (ANCT) in Paris in the mid 1990s, our hero was Hans Eduard Meier, the creator of Syntax.
1 February 2012
Analysis of the evolution of typographic technology and the nature of digital fonts, and introduces Donald E. Knuth’s groundbreaking TeX and Metafont systems. An essay complemented by interviews with Peter Biľak, Erik Spiekermann and Dimitri Bruni (NORM).
14 April 2011

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Jürg Lehni, born 1978, Lucerne, lives and works in London and Switzerland. He studied at ETH Zurich (1998 ~ 1999), HyperWerk, Basel (1999 –...
Lives and works on the shore of the lake of Geneva, close to Lausanne. Graphic designer, typographer, and type designer. In addition to his design wor...
Is a graphic designer and typographer working in St Gallen, East Switzerland. Brought up in the orthodoxy of modernist ‘Swiss typography’,...