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Greta Sans App is now available also as a screensaver. Download the ZIP file, unpack, and double click to install on your Mac.
7 May 2012
PDF Font Tester is an available online API that allows users to create their own samples, controlling the text, position, size, leading, OpenType features and colour, and generate a PDF file with the font samples.
7 March 2012
Typotheque also offers a free iPad app. The Elementar App is an innovative, intuitive way to select parametric bitmap fonts just by swiping to browse through the thousands of combinations of heights, weights and styles.
6 June 2011
Analysis of the evolution of typographic technology and the nature of digital fonts, and introduces Donald E. Knuth’s groundbreaking TeX and Metafont systems. An essay complemented by interviews with Peter Biľak, Erik Spiekermann and Dimitri Bruni (NORM).
14 April 2011
For the Göteborg Opera’s upcoming dance production Eroica, we created a structure of metal pipes illuminated by individually controlled LED strips. The construction, which is an integral part of the performance, is eight meters wide, four meters high and four meters deep.
6 December 2010
Typotheque’s webfont service now supports the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android mobile devices (and, of course, all the desktop browsers that we’ve supported from the beginning).
9 November 2010
Typotheque now licenses the engine behind our Webfont service, allowing font conversion to EOT, WOFF and SVG and Character Set Viewer, the online application that displays all glyphs from a TTF or OTF font, including their OpenType alternatives (GSUB and GPOS).
23 April 2010
Bringing the world of rich typography to the visually impaired
1 April 2010
Mozilla Foundation has released version 3.6 of Firefox which supports Web Open Font Format (WOFF). Typotheque has already integrated this new font format into its web font system.
25 January 2010
Google recently released a new Beta of their Chrome browser which supports @font-face web font linking. We’ve now updated our Web Font Service to support Google Chrome.
23 December 2009
Typotheque has become the first commercial type foundry to license its entire font collection for use on the World Wide Web via our web font service.
20 October 2009
Proposal by Erik van Blokland, Jonathan Kew, and Tal Leming for a new web-specific font format WOFF.
15 October 2009
Demo of the upcoming Web Font Service offering advanced typographic features.
7 September 2009
Up until now, if you wanted to use fonts on a website, you were limited to one of the dozen or so ‘web-safe’ fonts. We offer an alternative that allows using real fonts on the web.
15 July 2009