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A type specimen is a printed or digital publication which presents a typeface or type family and its features.

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The latest Typotheque type specimen, which in 224 pages presents the full font collection, including the future releases.
Typotheque specimen No.13 is our first specimen focusing on Russian Cyrillic.
Typotheque Type specimen No.15 presents 21 Hebrew type families, and describes the process of designing them.
This bilingual English/German type specimen presents Typotheque type families which are available in Sans/Serif or Sans/Slab variations.
Eleventh Typonine type specimen presenting Surogat font family.

Articles 3

Detailed look at the English edition of Letter Fountain, typographic reference book examining the form and anatomy of Latin alphabet.
Reviews · 24 June 2011 · English · 1218 words
The second chapter of Emily King’s doctoral thesis which focuses on typeface design in the United States, England and the Netherlands between 1987 and 1997.
Essays · 23 January 2005 · English · 18886 words
A brief look at Peter Bilak’s ‘synthetic’ approach to type design which examines both his earlier Eureka and more recent Fedra families.
Typeface stories · 1 December 2004 · English · 838 words

Blogs 5

Typotheque launches a new type design programme, a collection of contemporary text and display fonts for the Hebrew language.
23 October 2017
After a decade of close collaboration, Typotheque and Typonine type foundries are joining forces.
17 May 2016
Typotheque type specimen No. 10 makes typeface selection easier and more fun with split pages that let you create over 10,000 type combinations.
14 May 2014
Introducing Greta Sans, in a typographic animation produced by Addikt, Amsterdam.
10 April 2012
Typotheque produces its own exclusive type specimens and sends them out free of charge to people who request them. Once the specimens are out of print, we don't reprint them. Here are the last 30 copies of some older, out-of-print specimens, collectors’ items available for €4 each.
11 October 2010

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You can ask to receive copies of Typotheque specimens. To do so, you will need to create a user account. If you have received Typotheque specimens in the past, or you are already a Typotheque customer, you have an existing account with us.
If you would like to receive free type specimens from Typotheque, go to your account, open your Account Settings and click the Send me the free printed type specimen checkbox. Note that it may take several weeks to receive your specimen, as we do mailings only four or five times...
At any time, you can choose to stop receiving our email newsletter, or change your mailing preferences for printed type specimens. Simply log in to your account, and update your preferences.
We canʼt release fonts to users who haven’t agreed to the Typotheque EULA and bought a licence. We understand that it is difficult to make a decision as to whether a given typeface is suitable for your particular needs, which is why we offer several ways to preview and test...

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