The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) is a font format which enables embedding in web pages.

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The pilot issue demonstrates that creativity is not the exclusive domain of artists or designers, but something that surrounds us in our daily lives.
Fourth issue of Back Cover, a bilingual French graphic design magazine. In this issue: A Conversation with Karel Martens, Wim Crouwel, Joost Hochuli, and more.

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We constantly monitor the performance of our webfont service and work on ways make it faster and more efficient. Today we are announcing technical changes that you can take advantage of to get significantly improved webfont serving.
19 September 2012
Typotheque’s webfont service now supports the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android mobile devices (and, of course, all the desktop browsers that we’ve supported from the beginning).
9 November 2010
Typotheque now licenses the engine behind our Webfont service, allowing font conversion to EOT, WOFF and SVG and Character Set Viewer, the online application that displays all glyphs from a TTF or OTF font, including their OpenType alternatives (GSUB and GPOS).
23 April 2010
Mozilla Foundation has released version 3.6 of Firefox which supports Web Open Font Format (WOFF). Typotheque has already integrated this new font format into its web font system.
25 January 2010

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Graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine and Applied Arts in The Hague. After working at Meta Design Berlin, and FontBureau, he started working seper...

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Typotheque offers a special font licence that allows installation of fonts on web servers