Works That Work magazine

Works That Work is a magazine of unexpected creativity published twice a year by Typotheque, edited by Peter Bilak.

Empty slipcase designed to house the full set of Works That Work magazine.
Final issue of Works That Work magazine. This issue presents a vision of design that we believe in, design as a process that leads to permanent betterment of life and where everyone involved benefits.
The Sport and Game issue of WTW, about sport as a powerful tool for shaping the foundations of a community, for solving problems where politicians stalemate and for paving the way for social progress.
This issue of Works That Work magazine is exploring the role of design in the development of Bhutan.
This issue of WTW strives to probe beyond the visible aspect of design. We look at the invisible organisational principles shaping our lives.
This issue of Works That Work is exploring the fine line between breaking the rules and breaking the laws.
If necessity is the mother of invention, extreme environments must be hotbeds of innovation. This issue of Works That Work finds out.